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Table of Contents


Defining a Solution
What about Other Greenhouse Gases?
What Do We Mean by “EASY”?
Why Do We Focus Just on the U.S.?
The Evolving Debate
About This Book
Chapter 1: Truths and Myths about Global Warming

How Do We Know That We Are Causing this Climate Change?
Myths and Facts about Global Warming
How Global Warming Naysayers Operate
How Science Operates
Does Global Warming Cause Unusual Events?
An Emergency
Chapter 2: Why We Must Act NOW

The Consequences of Unchecked Global Warming
More Reasons for Concern about Global Warming
Big Sticks — But Big Carrots, Too!
Chapter 3: An EASY Plan

General Criteria
An Overview of the Blueprint
How Feasible Is Our Plan?
What Are the Benefits of a Successful U.S. EASY Energy Plan?
How Much Investment Will This Plan Require?
A Caveat
Chapter 4: Energy Efficient Technology

Energy Efficient Appliances
Energy Efficient Manufacturing
Energy Efficient Buildings
How Much Do We Save?
Chapter 5: Automotive and Transport Efficiency

CAFE Standards
Fuel Efficient Cars
The Transport Sector
Empowering Human Locomotion
Time to Go Public
Chapter 6: Solar, Wind, and More: Make No-Carb Electricity

Solar Energy
What about Wind?
The Promise of Wave Energy
The Geothermal Boost
What Are the Challenges?
The Challenge of Energy Storage
The Manufacturing Challenge
Chapter 7: You Are Part of the Answer

Smart Choice 1: Reduce Wasteful Consumption — and Save Money!
Smart Choice 2: Reuse
Smart Choice 3: Recycle
Carbon Footprint
Flex Your Voice for the Forests
Opportunities to Make a Personal Difference
Exercise Reproductive Responsibility
Chapter 8: Other Solutions Have Problems

Expansion of Nuclear Power
Algae as a Fuel
Carbon Sequestration
Geoengineering Ideas
Chapter 9: Carrots and Sticks for the Energy Economy

Promoting a U.S. Energy Economy That Serves the Public Interest
What Can We Do with an Extra $1 Trillion?
Additional and Important Policy Carrots for the Portfolio
Carrots at the Community Level: The California Example
International Carrots
“If They Aren’t Doing It, Why Should We?”
What about a Carbon Tax, or Cap-and-Trade/Auction System?
Chapter 10: Yes, Folks, You Too Can Profit from All This!

An Exploding Potential for Jobs
The Green Collar Market: Business and Employment Opportunities
Can U.S. Businesses Afford to Invest in a Green Economy?
U.S. Businesses Already Profit in This Brave, New World
Big Business Dives In
China Accelerates Its Green Economic Growth
An Answer to Our Current Economic Crisis
The Risks of Not Joining the Green Economy
Chapter 11: Vote Like Your Life Depended on It

Needed: A Bold Leader with Good Green Judgment
The Sleeping Top Political Priority
Vote for Green Leaders at ALL Levels
More Ways to Support Your Democracy
A Time to Imagine
Appendices: Let�s Do the Numbers...and More!

Explanation of Units Used in the Appendices
A. Calculating the Carbon Consequences of the EASY Plan
B. Estimating the Economic Costs in Table 3.1
C. Miscellaneous Calculations
D. Useful Websites Noted in Text