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Take Action

Find out what your candidates propose to do about solving global warming. We have a limited amount of time to do it easily. The main answer is that we have to stop emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as soon as possible. This means using energy much more efficiently and switching from fossil fuels to solar and wind energy sources as soon as possible.

Support and VOTE for the candidates at all levels of government that understand and support these basic facts. Information about the positions of various candidates can be found at the nonpartisan website www.votesmart.org .

Chapter 7 of this book talks about all the different ways you can help on an individual level to reduce carbon emissions, and there are many websites and books out there that offer tips as well.

What more can you do? Help spread the word about this resource wherever you can. Want to host a downloadable copy of this book at your website? Click here to contact the Authors for Permission