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The EASY Plan & Policy

The goal is to reduce current annual US carbon emissions by 75% by the year 2030. The 4 components of the EASY plan, in a nutshell, are:

E -- energy efficiency in appliances, buildings, and industry
A -- automotive efficiency in design and fuel consumption for all types of transport
S -- solar and wind energy based electricity
Y -- you are part of the answer, through your individual actions, and most importantly, through your VOTE, because who you elect has a great influence on the other components.

The EASY Policy is based on one main concept:

Have government treat the solar and wind tech industries as if they are oil and coal: shift subsidies, windfall profit tax breaks, and other market incentives from oil and coal to clean renewable energy industries. Then let the market pick the winners.

Need more details? Read Chapters 3-10 of the book.