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About the Authors

Prof. John Harte of the University of California at Berkeley has won numerous awards and honors as an ecologist and an established environmental scientist and author. He and his work have been featured in Mother Jones, on the Bill Moyer's show, NPR's Marketplace and Science Friday, and elsewhere. His most recent award was a George Polk prize in journalism in 2006 for his work on the Early Signs Project. His book, Consider a Spherical Cow: A Course in Environmental Problem Solving, published initially in 1985, continues to be a widely used, classic textbook in the field of environmental science.

Besides co-authoring the online book Cool the Earth, Save the Economy, Mary Ellen Harte Ph.D produces the weekly series, the Climate Change Report Podcasts. Since 1999, she has produced and hosted a weekly summer radio program, Nature Notes, about natural history in the Colorado Rockies. She writes the weekly huffingtonpost column, Climate Change This Week, and first authored the Huffingtonpost blog series, Addressing Climate Change with John, and has worked as a consultant on various environmental projects and publications for him for decades. As a professional biologist her diagnostic digital images of flora have appeared in various online and offline media. Previous professional experience includes degrees, research and publications in marine science.